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Stories of a Waitress Slowly Going Insane: Do not be lewd with your waitress.


Just don’t. We are only smiling at you because you are tipping us. Unless you are Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling, I will NOT throw my bra at you.

Anyway, last night I waited on these two men. Seat 1 is really obese…. I’m not saying this to be rude, but I’m pointing this out to describe why I…


  • Lucian Matis
  • Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2012

The buzz and atmosphere at Lucian Matis this season was palpable. Guests braved the rainy Toronto night and filtered into the classically elegant Fairmont Royal York (I encourage you guys to stay there if you ever visit Toronto). Judging by the overwhelming crowds of fashion savvy men and women sipping champagne outside of the ballroom for the cocktail hour preceding the show, this was definitely the highlight for many individuals week. The grand ballrooms really do make such a lovely venue and I prefer them to the tents so hopefully designers begin to take more advantage of them in the future.

The collection overall honoured nature and beauty while maintaining artistic symmetry. Matis went into detail by saying:

“The lines in nature can travel, swirl and conjoin. These natural patterns are nature’s expression and purpose. My designs have adapted and evolved through colours and shapes; the grace in movement which this planet and nature must play out from minute to minute, birth to death, and most importantly, the beauty in attraction.”

Anchored by a black base, as the show progressed the garments boasted intricate lace and crochet detailing and came into its own with the burst of dark hued feathers that were featured heavily towards the end of the collection. The use of lush feathers to comprise full skirts, coats and voluminous shoulders were truly decadent and alluring. Each piece was rich in texture, expertly crafted and exuded sex appeal as expect from the designer since his first showing at Toronto Fashion Week back in 2007.


Image Credit: Jenna Marie Wakani


just had the most intense shopping experience. 10 hrs!!! 

mou muri desu. never gna do it again lol. 


is how u pronounce update in Japanese.

Unlike being at home, I don’t have as much “me” time in the city. Also it doesn’t help that I don’t have the right password for the wifi at my Toronto home. (Oh well..I’m hardly there anyway..) Instead of tumbling, I’ve just been people watching and observing the streets. It’s definitely fun but I noticed I’m in the same districts most the time. Things don’t get too boring staring at people in the city but I remember complaining about the fashion in Waterloo. Every time I’d get onto the GRT passing thru UW/WLU.. it’d be the same thing. Coach bags. Canada goose jackets. uggs. starbucks. tight high waisted skirts/dresses you’ll see girls wear at EVERY club. 

anyway enough rambling on about that. 

In my current financial state I’ve hardly shopped and thus have been lacking in my fashion statements. I know it’s a lame excuse but really I don’t have time to put together stuff. I’m not a morning person and so waking up for my 10:30AM classes are a huge challenge. I end up looking like a huge mess to school.. wearing the same jeans over and over again. Oh and the same boots. complete fail on my part. I’ll try harder next semester… it might be the last time I can wear casual wear before my internship/job begins in the summer. eek. 

Speaking of school.. I’ve been enjoying myself in this post-grad Advertising Media Management program from last Fall! It’s been quite exciting! Def want to do better next semester though. I want to excel in every one of my subjects.. even if I hate it. I did oooookay in my last semester. What I’m most worried about is landing a job for the summer. Internships are what most people do.. but I really hope I can get a job straight out of school. Money is always an issue these days. I’ve never had my bank account go down to as low as 20 bucks. it’s terrible! 

Being at home is great for reflecting. Things get busy in the city so it’s nice to step back and relax. I want to organize everything too and get ready for the new year/new semester. Should write down some goals too… which reminds me. my first NYE in Toronto!!! ahhhh 3 more days:) cannot wait to spend it with my bf! 

that’s all for now of my appude-to.